February 20-24, 2016

….We got to stay at the inn next to the diner for two nights and worked on the website blog. For church we went to a Southern Baptist. We arrived there on time but no one was in the sanctuary, it was very peaceful though so we did not mind. We waited about 20 minutes until the Sunday school class came in. They were going overtime and got a little caught up in the bible study. They were very welcoming to us. The congregation only had about 5 people total, but were a close knit group of people, basically family. Pastor Roy preached verse by verse of a section in Matthew, and gave it more of a bible study kind of feel. After the service Pastor Roy offered us a place to stay for the night since there was going to be a cold front coming through that night that we did not know about. So we took him up on the offer. We stayed in the fellowship hall part of the church. He gave us food to eat and took care of us well. He let us stay a few nights because of the bad weather. It snowed, rained, and hailed with a mix of strong winds. One of the nights we had a really awesome bible study with his Spanish speaking members. They had a Spanish speaking pastor come and teach. His name was Jorge. We got to spend a lot of time with Pastor Roy here and he had a lot of wisdom and stories from his life experiences. You would have never of guessed he was a drill Sargent because of his kind and joyful demeanor. It was fun listening to him. God in his perfect timing sure did bring us here! His timing is always perfect!

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