February 2, 2014

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Our last day with my mom and Trevor’s family was today. For most of the day we packed our gear and got rid of the stuff that put on extra weight making it for us to carry. In the morning we went to Trevor’s grandmother’s church and afterwards a couple came and visited us at the house. During that time we packed and talked. We said goodbye to our family after dinner and prayed together. It was pretty hard saying goodbye, but we will be reunited in about a year and that can go pretty quick! This night we were staying with Trevor’s grandmother because I was having some allergy problems at his aunt’s house with her pets. So after we helped Trevor’s uncle Bob around the house and got our camping materials ready, aunt Sidney took us to Trevor’s grandmother’s house and bought us McDonalds. When we got to the house we ate our food and talked for a bit. We then worked on the blog and pictures, and then went to sleep. Thank the Lord for family!

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