February 18-20, 2015

… We left the inn and started to head out of Dallas the next morning. There was a hostel we found in between Dallas and Fort Worth. It took us a while to get out of Dallas because it is a huge city, but eventually we came across the hostel that was basically a small-medium size house in the suburbs of Fort Worth and Dallas. All the rooms in the house except for the main room and the bathrooms and laundry room, were bedrooms. The main room was used for cooking and a lounging area for people to relax and talk. When we arrived we met Max who was from Russia and Dana who was from the states and another guy from Japan. Later that evening a girl from Germany arrived. When your at a hostel you meet all sorts of people from all sorts of countries. We also met the owner who was very surprised to hear about our story and let us stay for free! For most of the night we got to know Max who was a computer engineer and Dana who was a writer and pastor. Both had many stories to share…

…The following day we walked further into the outskirts of Fort Worth, TX which is right next to Dallas. People who live here call it the DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) area because both cities is like one giant metropolis combined. We stopped at a Chick-fil-A and got in contact with Trevor’s aunt’s sister, Sarah and her husband Paul, who took us to her house and we stayed there for two nights to rest and catch up on the website. She fed us well for two days and took us out to restock on grocery food…

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