February 16-19, 2016

…It took us about 5 days of walking to get to Vaughn, New Mexico from Fort Sumner. It was about a 56 mile journey of nothing except a small town called Yeso in between that only had about three houses and a post office. They called the portion we walked “hill country” and they were right. After Yeso, you could see the road for miles and miles, and once you got to the top of one hill you saw there was a bunch of other hills to walk over. We packed more than enough food for the whole stretch and surprisingly we got to minister to two guys along the way. One guy, who was driving his RV, stopped to give us water bottles and a can of peanuts. He was from the east coast February and was driving out to places of solitude to see if God was really real. Turned out that he met us, two guys walking across America in the middle of no where telling people about Jesus! So God used us as kind of a piece of evidence that Jesus is real! Another day, a older man was driving his motorcycle from Clovis, New Mexico to Mountainair, New Mexico. He gave us sandwiches and two large bottles of water. He took a break to smoke a cigarette and we got to share Jesus with him. He admitted he had bitterness in his life and we got to share our testimonies with him on how Jesus gave us life and life more abundantly. We cleared up some doubts and said he would think about what we said more and thanked us after we were done praying for him. He left and we continued walking. We made it to Vaughn the on a day the wind was against us and we got to climb the most steep hills on the whole stretch. We went to a diner as we were entering town. It was getting later when we met a train conductor named Clarence, who had a word of encouragement from the Lord for us. He was a young man, maybe our age or a little older. We stuck around with him for a while and talked about Jesus and life….

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  • Linda sewell says:

    I don’t know if you guys will remember me but I’m the lady that ran the friendly chapel Thriftstore in north little rock arkansas…I was so blessed to meet you guys and I’m so glad to hear y’all are still doing the Lord’s work and spreading the gospel. I jus love hearing about your travels and the wonderful people you meet along your way…you all stay in my prayers daily and are such a blessing….wish I was able to do wat you are doing but the Lord has placed my feet and heart right here at this church I love so much….keep the faith my fellow Christians! God love ya!

  • Monica Justiniano says:

    Those that feed the hungry, shall be fed. Those that satisfy the thirsty shall be refreshed. Those that welcome strangers into their homes shall receive the blessings of God! All these mini stories of people seeking basically the meaning of life and you guys being at the right place, at the right time is a beautiful demonstration of how great God’s love is towards all!! What an impact we would make in the lives of others by just talking the time to talk to people… they will never forget the words of Life spoken into their hearts…

  • Carol larson says:

    You just amaze me. What a story you will have and do. Your testimonies will win souls galore throughout your lives. Keep keeping on. Carol

  • Nikki Freeland says:

    Your journey is so amazing, but just that stretch you were on to Vaughn really inspired me! Thanks for all the stories! In my prayers always, Nikki 🙂

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