February 16 - 17, 2015

….Seth, one of the Christ for the Nation students that helped smuggle us in the guys dorm last night took us to the cafeteria for breakfast where we met a some more students. Seth then got together a group to drive us back to Dallas and pray for the days journey. It was great to be able to connect to people our age group that is all about spreading the gospel and living as a family of believers. Christ for the Nations rocks! I encourage everyone to attend there! Throughout the day we ran into a lot of people on the streets that needed some ministering. A lot of the people we ministered to were very against what we were doing and what we believed, doubting and saying that we were not who we said we were. It was a pretty rough time and we had to stand firm in what we believed and rely on God to help us answer their questions. A lot of them walked away angry. After all the craziness, decided to find a place to stay and found an inn that gave us a discount. Since it was Sunday, Seth referred us to a pastor he knew that would be able to pick us up for their evening service. So, we got in contact with the pastor and they picked us up at the inn. The church was on top of a hill that overlooked all of Dallas and Fort Worth, it was an amazing site to see. The service was also great and a lot of the people that attended the service were Christ for the Nation students. All them gathered to pray and encourage us at the end of the service. They also invited us to eat at Whataburger, a fast food chain restaurant down south, for dinner and then took us back to the inn. The following day we decided to stay and work on the blog/website…

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