February 15, 2015

….Dan drove us back into downtown Dallas, the following morning and from there we started. Today we had the privilege to minister to a few people in Dallas, mostly the homeless. We met a guy named Bill who has been homeless for a couple of years now, he was a christian and needed some encouragement and prayer to keep pursuing the Lord in his state of poverty. ¬†We came across more and more people who needed the love of Christ and we got to share with them, even though some of them were not willing to hear what we were saying. Because we spent most of the day ministering and not getting a chance to walk, we decided it would be best to find an inn to stay at for the night and not on the street. Unfortunately, today was Valentine’s Day and all the inns and hotels were booked. Thankfully we found a McDonald’s that was open 24 hours, it sounded like a good place to sleep for the night and it was not outside. At McDonald’s we met a young man who asked us if we had any money to spare, instead of giving him money we told him about Christ and then gave him the money. Turns out that he was really convicted in what we said and he told us truth, that he was going to use the money for drugs. He left with the money but, we could tell that he was fighting to do the right thing, to turn to Jesus. Inside McDonald’s we talked to some more people. We were there for about an hour or two when we met a group of Christ for the Nation students who were evangelizing around the city. They came over and started talking to Trevor and I and then invited us to their main group at the center of the city. We got to speak to them about what we were doing and they prayed for us. One of the students offered to smuggle us into one of their rooms for the night on campus, so we all sat in the back of a pickup truck and they drove us to the campus. It turned out that in the boy’s dorm building there was an overflow room where they had a bunch of bunk beds and a bathroom. The crazy part was that this room was usually locked and it was for some reason unlocked when we came! It was quite the God scenario! Since there was a bathroom we got to take showers and also had beds to sleep on instead of on the floor! The best part was being able to meet encouraging and awesome brothers and sisters of Christ!

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