February 14 – 23, 2014

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We stayed at Jesse’s apartment for another 3 days. Jeffery’s mother and younger brother came on Saturday afternoon and we had a blast with them. The following day, Sunday, we got to attend Jesse and her boyfriend David’s church in Roanoke. The church teaching was really good and challenging to hear. We went out to lunch afterwards and went back to the apartment. Trevor and I worked on some things while Jeffery had quality time with his family. On Monday we left and Jeffery’s mom took us to an Days Inn not too far from where Jesse picked us up Wednesday earlier that week. It was a blessing to spend time with Jeffery’s family and taking Trevor and I as their own. We are truly thankful for Jesse taking us in and giving a warm place to stay for a while. We stayed the night at the Inn in Bedford where we left off and the next day walked about 13 miles to a fire station that let us pitch tent. They wanted us to stay inside but they did not have the authority to do so, so we had to camp outside. Thank The Lord that the day was warm and the night also. One of the warmest nights yet! The guys on night duty gave us coffee and food from KFC for dinner. For breakfast one of the guys, Larry, came and gave us food. His wife also made us lunches. They were a blessing. It was a beautiful day and we just made it to the outskirts of Roanoke. During the walk the Chariot broke just before we got to a Days Inn. Our remedy for the fix was to put black tape on the broken spots and it held up pretty good. We had to go through some snow that was still melting on the sidewalks. It was quite the experience and it was tough, but we made it with God’s help. The tape on the Chariot should have broke but the Lord held it up. It was a miracle. The next day which was Thursday the 20th, we wanted to fix the chariot and catch up on all the work we fell behind on. So we went to a Inn called the Ramada Inn in Roanoke and spent the day working there. On Friday the Lord provided us a welder in the city that fixed the broken Chariot for free! From there we were planning to go to yet another Inn. For dinner that day we stopped at Burger King and when we were walking in a guy named Jesse offered us a place to stay just outside of Roanoke, in a town called Salem. So after eating dinner at Burger King he came and picked us up in his van and we went to his house. He had 3 adorable kids that we had fun with and we got to chill with him for the night. He actually attends a Calvary Chapel in Roanoke which was a bonus. We love those kinds of churches! Jesse does videos for the church and it is how he serves the Lord with all his heart. That night we slept in his basement. The next day which was Saturday we decided to stay for the day, hang out with Jesse and his family, and he invited us to a church prayer meeting that night. During the day he took us to a park that overlooked all of Roanoke. It was a beautiful sight to see. He also bought us pizza and we got to play with his kids a lot at the park. We then went back to his house and later that night we went to his church prayer meeting. There we meet some really cool on fire Christians that were interested in our story. Jeff, one of the church members offered his place that night for us. So after the meeting was over Jesse took us to his house to get our gear and we went to go meet with Jeff. We got our stuff packed it in Jeff’s van and went to his house for the night. He made us dinner and we helped him clean the dishes. We talked for a while and then went to bed. On Sunday morning we took showers and Jeff took us to the service at Calvary Chapel. There we meet some more awesome people and hung out after the service in the church cafe, where this couple bought us drinks and food. After a good time with our brothers and sisters in Christ we got dropped back off at Burger King where Jesse picked us up two days ago. They prayed for us and sent us off. They and their church were such an honor and blessing to get to know and to be served by. Hopefully we will be able to see them again someday. From Burger King we walked about 2 miles to a Day’s Inn and rested because it was Sunday, our day of rest. Sorry for the late post! We will try to post more often when we get more internet. God is good!


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