February 13, 2014

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Today was a very chill day, literally. There was about a foot of snow and the it kept coming down from morning to the afternoon. Today we just hung out and relaxed with Jeffery’s sister Jesse through out the day and organized some things in our backpacks. Had a great breakfast and watched a movie in the evening while Jesse made us peanut butter cookies. God really had his hand on us, protection from the treacherous storm, and gave Jeffery quality time with his sister. He is good!


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  • Michael hayward says:

    Hello brothers in Christ! This is Mike, big Mike my friends call me, not the biggest guy in the world I guess just bigger than most my friends. Jon I met your folks today and bought the trike. That’s how I came along searching Craig’s list and for one and contacting your dad. Your folks are fantastic loving people, they even brought that trike down to Harford county MD to a rehab center after an above knee amputation. I know it’s a blessing I’m here and have a hi-tech leg all paid for but I am not liking this whole deal and having difficulty learning to walk, putting it nicely. Maybe the trike can help build strength in this stump. I know about your deal and you are an inspiration for sure. My deal is better than yours, I’m boo-hoo’n and you’re walking. God be with you all and I love ya’s and telling everyone about you. A lot of folk are with ya and I can see Jesus is with you too so keep traveling on and we’ll all keep looking on high from which comes our help. Love you.☺

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