February 13-17, 2017

…Jonathan’s aunt Victoria dropped us back off at Glenn and Susie’s house in Rancho Cucamonga in the evening and we left their house the next day in the afternoon. We walked to the next populated area called Claremont. Glenn and Susie gave us gift cards to multiple restaurants in the area, so we chose Mimi’s Cafe. After dinner we continued to walk 3 more miles to a Knight’s inn. Only about 40 Miles from there was the glorious HuntingBeach. Our final destination. We walked about 14 miles to Diamond Bar, California. We stopped at a Starbucks and took a small break where we sipped some caffeinated beverages and talked about memories of the journey. A couple hours later we walked a few hundred feet down the road to a gas station that let us camp out. We got a free hotel stay next to Disneyland in Anaheim because we had points that built up from previous hotels across the country land. It was at a Howard Johnson hotel and it was about another 13 miles away. Once we got there in the late afternoon we took a plung at the pool and enjoyed the comfy beds. It was a very happy place, probably because of Disneyland being it’a neighbor. Nobody is grumpy in Disneyland! The next day we planned on walking to a familiy’s house that some friends from our hometown knew about, but there ended up being a severe rain storm hitting the coast and the conditions were very dangerous to walk in. The family drove out to pick us up before the weather got really bad and we hung around their house for the day, mostly with their sons Jonathan and Daniel. Their parents Ed and Cindy had to work. It sure was a splendid time of rest and we are glad we were inside because it was a typhoon outside!!

-Glenn, Susie, and their dog Nichsky

-Trevor enjoying some strawberries that Glenn and Susie gave us for a snack

– A nice comfy free hotel room!

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