February 12, 2014

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Early in the morning, Jesse, Jeffery’s sister, took us to the place where she picked us up in Bedford the previous day. From there we walked to a McDonald’s not too far down the road. There we read our bibles because we did not have time to before we left from the house earlier. So we spent a good chunk of time reading and to our surprise got to meet Caleb. Caleb was the owner of the basement in the community house where we stayed 3 nights ago. He was not at the house the night we stayed, but he allowed us to stay with Becky who watched us and the house during our time there. We did not get to talk to him much because we had to get going, but at least we got to thank him for giving us a place to stay for the night. After leaving McDonald’s, we went further towards Roanoke Virginia and stopped at a gas station for lunch. There we ate hot dogs and pork BBQ sandwiches. The guy who owned the place told us that the gas station has been there for about 60 years or so. We then left the gas station and it started snowing. So we walked about a mile or so down the road and Jeffery’s sister, Jesse, met up with us again, but this time we went to her apartment in Roanoke. Jesse cooked us dinner and we got to work on some stuff before going to bed. Praise God that he gave us a beautiful walk in the snow and shelter from the storm!


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