February 12-14, 2015

…Phil from Watermark Community Church drove us early to the church and Taylor and Brandon gave us ride back to Chik-Fil-A where Jonathan’s parents picked us up the other day to spend the weekend at Christ for the Nations in south Dallas. We had lunch with ┬áthe two of them and then spent some time reading the bible. Before leaving the manager who was interested in what we were doing started having a conversation with us. He offered to pay for a nights stay at an inn down the road and drove us there. He also gave us a bunch of coupons for Chik-Fil-A and Chik-Fil-A employee hats. No wonder Chik-Fil-A is so blessed! We then decided to stay another day at the inn to work on the blog.

…The next day we walked into downtown Dallas where we met up with Dan, who is a family friend of Trevor’s. Dan works at the AT&T building in Dallas, so we thought we would surprise him at work. It took some time for Trevor to convince the front desk security that we knew Dan, but once we showed a picture we took with him and his family he called him down. We managed to surprise him and to our surprise he offered for us to stay a night at his house and then in the morning take us back on his way to work. So we somehow fit both our jogging strollers inside his car and headed back to his house for dinner. We can’t thank this family enough for their hospitality!

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