February 11, 2014

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Today we woke up at Blueridge Community Church and went to their bible study around 6 in the morning. After the bible study we went to go pack our things. While packing we were told that breakfast was ready, so we ate and got to fellowship with the guys who were staying in the church. We continued packing after breakfast and had the privilege of interviewing a guy named Ricky. Ricky came to know Christ a month before and was staying at Blueridge for a while now. He had a powerful testimony and we got to pray over him afterwards. It was hard on our way out because we got to really know the guys staying at the church for shelter, even though it was only a day. But, we know that God will lead them from glory to glory. They blessed us by showing Jesus to us even though they have only known him for a short time. After saying goodbye we were surprised because on our way out we got to meet Miss Virginia 2011 and get a picture taken with her! It was pretty cool. Today we walked to Bedford Virginia which was about 15 miles away. Jeffery’s sister, Jesse, was working in the area and she offered to pick us up when we got to Bedford. When we got to Bedford a guy named Edward pulled up in his truck to talk to us. He gave us food and super glue. He was a pretty awesome guy and his truck was super blue and super cool. We got to talk to him for a while and eventually lead him to Jesus! He was super excited about it and joined the family. Jesse then pulled up and took us to her boyfriend, David’s place and his parents fed and gave us beds to lay our heads. It was really nice meeting Jeffery’s sister and her boyfriend. His parents were also a huge blessing and it was an honor meeting them.


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