February 10, 2014

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In the morning we woke up and ate breakfast at the Marriott Hotel. We left afterwards and headed towards Roanoke. About 7 miles on our way a lady named Christen pulled by and talked with us. She told us that there was a church about 2 miles away. So we decided to walk to the church. The church was called Blue Ridge Community Church and it was huge. The church allowed some people who did not have a home to come and stay. They would help them get back on their feet and commission them to serve. So there were some homeless people walking around and we got to meet a lot of them. Some of them recently have come to the Lord through the church. One of the guys, Roger, became a believer just the previous week before and another as well. They are a very sincere church that want sinners to come Christ and they do it well. The church was happy to take us in and they served us dinner. We also helped them vacuum some areas of the church.
Later that evening they invited us to come to their men’s group meeting at the Golden Corral. We joined and it was a neat experience. The men there were really challenging and to the point on teaching the word of God and applying it to life. We were all split up in different groups and discussed what the men’s group leader taught. We got to meet godly genuine men who really cared and encouraged the men in the group to be the men of God they are called to be. While there we got to meet a lot of men. When the men’s group was over they drove us back to the church, one of the homeless guys, Ricky did our laundry, and shortly after we went to sleep. They gave us some cots to sleep on and they were pretty stinkin comfy. I think every one should have at least one cot in their lifetime because they are one of God’s greatest creations.


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