•How many shoes have you gone through?

6 or 7 pairs

•How many miles do you walk a day?

That heavily depends on the amount of daylight (more in the summer, less in the winter) our location, weather, people we talk to, and so many more things. Our minimum weekly goal has been 40 miles/week lately which has been low, 50 is our normal goal, and have done anywhere from a 70+ mile week this past spring to 0 (ministry opportunities and setbacks). We generally trek about 5 or 6 days a week and take 1 or 2 to rest, maintain gear, etc., and there are unexpected setbacks as well like illness or broken gear.

•Why are you doing this?

We love Jesus and want people to come to know him or grow in their relationship with Him. We want to grow in that love personally and as a group. Our goal is also to bring you along for the journey and share our experiences with you through social media.

•How many people are doing this?

For now just Trevor and Jonathan, but other people have joined for 1 month, 1 1/2 months, 2 1/2 months, and 5 months at a time, as well as walking a day with us. We are always open to people being apart of the journey in person!

•Where do you sleep?

We have slept just about everywhere. Countless churches, families, new acquaintances, and businesses have taken us in, we do a lot of camping, stay at hotels if nessisary, and have been anywhere from camping on ice, lava rock, mountains, desert, people’s yards, even inside a tractor trailer truck (at a repair shop)!

•What are you going to do when you get to California?

Jump in the ocean! Our families plan on trying to be there to celibate with us reaching the coast. We hope to learn how to surf and share the love of Jesus with some Californians. We are hoping to travel around California some, visit Readding California, then fly home, Lord willing.

•What do you do when it rains?

We put on waterproof pants and jackets to keep dry and keep walking. For our backpacks we have waterproof covers that we put on, our carts are fairly waterproof, our tents have waterproof covers. Camping in the rain is really nice when you’re dry in your tent and get to listen to it. There are difficulties when gear doesn’t work or when you manage to get wet like falling in a stream, loosing a jacket, or something. We like to think it builds character.

•What is your favorite place you’ve been?

That is a really hard question to answer because there are so many. Scenery wise, possibly the Apaliation Trail in southern Virginia, the Mojave Desert in California, and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but there has been so many incredible places we almost feel bad writing just 3 (you can see pictures on our Instagram). And we have met soo many amazing and hospitable people we don’t even know where to start. The people have really made this trip what it is for us. 

•What do you do for food?

When there are towns we eat at diners, fast food, and sometimes families provide us with home cooked meals which we love. We also pack food that does not easily spoil, like granola, oatmeal, and peanut butter. We carry a lot of water on carts for these western stretches (over 11 gallons, about 43 liters each) 90 miles was our longest stretch in Texas before resupplying water and food.

•What kind of gear do you use?

We have backpacks with tents, sleeping mats, pillows, sleeping bags, hiking clothes, and other basic helpful gear. Trevor hopes to write another book or blog series on camping gear and techniques if you’re interested when we’re home!

•What do you do for money?

We worked hard prior to save up, and work hard when we go home due to weather, injuries, etc. We have a link for online donations and have done 2 fundraisers. We believe that this is God’s mission for us and that he will provide what we need when we need it. We felt lead not to ask for it on this journey but to pray. Most of it has been random people donating and paying for meals etc. in person.

•Do you accept rides?

We do take rides to stay the night with families, churches, and speak places, but receive a ride back to where we were picked up from to not miss any miles, we want to walk all the way.

If this didn’t answer your question or you’d like to know more feel free to contact us!