December 8-10, 2015

….Jan in the morning got in contact with the newspaper editor, but she couldn’t come to interview us so we wrote what we were doing on a piece of paper. She also cooked us a big breakfast for the day’s journey. She dropped us off at the Dairy Queen in town to continue walking where we left off yesterday. It was a beautiful walk into Lubbock. Instead of taking the more direct route into Lubbock we took a back road, and came across a really run down area outside the city. There was a lot of trash and stray dogs. A very poor area, and it was pretty desolate. We continued on a flat dirt road into the city and it went from desolate to a very populated area. We managed to get a cheap stay at a La Quinta Inn once we got into the city. It was around dinner time and we had a couple choices to eat at, but we all felt the Lord telling us to order Dominoes pizza. So we did and when the delivery girl arrived we gave her a certain amount of tip we felt God putting on our heart. Apparently it was enough to help her get her car fixed and she started crying. She was in a bad car accident recently and we got to tell her how much Jesus loved her. It was an amazing moment….

….We were blessed with another stay at another inn where one of the engineers, Henry, of the hotel talked to us and gave us his family discount rate. At that hotel a homeless man walked in and was looking to ask for some money, and since we were going out for lunch we invited him to come with us to Denny’s. His name was Oscar, but people called him Moses because of his beard and he had a staff to help him walk. We got to bless him with a meal. We were also able to pray with him and give him a bible. We also met a fellow Christian man named, Jim who was a real encouragement to us. God has brought us so many opportunities in the past couple of days to show his love for Lubbock! It’s been awesome to see God work awesomely in leading every step of the way!

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  • David says:

    Hey Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, Blessings, met you in Dickens at cafe, I have some pocket bibles I can get to you tommorrow if your still in Lubbock

  • Caroline Fry says:

    Hi Guys. I love reading your blogs. You are so encouraging to so many people. I pray for you often. God is good and I pray that you will continue to have the strength and courage you need each day. Keep up the good work. We love you all.

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