December 7-10, 2016

…We ended up taking a few more days at the hotel. We managed to work on a lot of things during our stay. Since there was a computer we were able to transfer GoPro film footage, worked on updating the map on the route we took from Flagstaff to Kingman, Arizona, update the blog, worked on personal biographies on the people who have walked with us, and worked on updating pictures on our website. We also emailed some news stations in LA for when we would be arriving, which is by the way February 20! Trevor also switched his jogging stroller with Mark when he left and worked on drilling two holes to hold his handle bars. The hotel let us use the drill for free. Also he rewaterproofed his jacket and guitar case. We also did our laundry and cleaned our 10 liter water bladders to keep mold from growing in them, because sometimes they get nasty. One of the days we walked about 2 miles to a Walmart to get some groceries for our walk to the next town, Bullhead City, Nevada. At the hotel we got to talk to different people at the front desk about what we were doing and encouraged them in there personal relationships with Jesus. Everyone was so nice and helpful with getting us with whatever we needed. Turns out we only have about 350 more miles to go before reaching Huntington Beach California, our final destination! It has been crazy and wild looking back on this country and realizing how we got here. We can not come up with a better explanation than it being all God. He really does provide every single need when you live according to his will. It might not be what you want or how you get it, but he always gives you what you need to be able to spread his good news. Besides, the best thing that you will ever need is him himself and that is something you can have at all times because he promises to be with us always…

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