December 6-7, 2015

….For church this Sunday, Pastor TJ from the First Baptist Church in Ralls invited us for their revival service they were having through out the week. Sunday was their first Revival service. He picked us up from Lorenzo and took us there and the service was awesome and powerful. TJ after the service invited the church to come shake our hands at the front of the stage, it was an honor. Afterwards we had a lunch that was prepared by the youth group for the church and got to talk to some more awesome people. TJ drove us back to Lorenzo later. Before leaving Lorenzo, we went to say goodbye to Lester and Paula and thanked them for letting us stay in their separate household. They were at the church having a bible study, which we kind of interrupted accidentally. They came outside to talk to us, and since it was really late when we were leaving they offered for us to stay another night, so we wouldn’t have to walk in the dark. We felt like it was a good idea, so we stuck around another night. We went back inside and joined their bible study on the book of Revelations. Later they invited us for supper and we got to spend more awesome time with them.

…The next day we said goodbye before leaving and went to the Mexican restaurant in town for breakfast, the one we went to two days before and ministered to the owner Eddy. While we were there we got to bless Eddy with a bible that was easier to read since he had a harder translation that he could not understand. After spending time with God, we continued to a town called Idalou about 8 miles down the road. TJ and Lester contacted the baptist pastor of that town, Phil, and he got us a couple to stay with for the night. Their names were Charlie and Jan and they were very hospitable to us. They had forgotten they had to go to their grandson’s birthday party when we arrived, so they got us dinner and then just let us stay in the house until they returned. It was pretty cool they trusted us that much! They returned later and we got to spend more time with them before heading to bed….

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