December 3-5, 2015

….From Ralls we walked to the next town Lorenzo, it was again only 8 miles away. TJ called ahead to the Baptist pastor in that town. When we got to the church, no one was there, but an elderly lady named Paula came to our rescue. She came to deliver some¬†poinsettias to decorate the church. She got in contact with the pastor, Doni, and they let us stay in the gym. Doni came by later to meet and talk with us. After Doni left and while we were setting up our sleeping mats, Paula and her husband Lester, who happened to be the mayor of Lorenzo, offered us a place to sleep and take showers. It was a separate house they owned and it was right down the street. So we walked there, dropped off our stuff and went to a Mexican restaurant in town. We got to minister to the owner of the restaurant, Eddy and pray for him. The next day Lester and Paula invited us to their house for breakfast which was right next door to the house we were staying at. They were such a fun sweet couple, and Paula cooked a mean breakfast. They were more than willing to let us stay another day which was great because we had to do our laundry, it was surprisingly a lot. Lester also gave us bibles from the church to hand out to the people we minister to. While we did our much needed laundry, we also got to rest for the day, and spend time with the Lord. It was quite nice….

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  • Nikki Freeland says:

    Sounds like there have been great people put in your path, Praise god! Keep on keeping on ! You all are in my prayers. Love, Nikki Freeland

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