December 31 - January 1, 2017

…We managed to make it to Hi Sahara Oasis gas station (I think I called it Desert Oasis in the last post) on New Years Eve. We were itching for a good solid meal since we did not have one since Laughlin, Nevada. So we got ourselves half pound burgers to celebrate, and they sure were good. The employees there were very helpful and friendly and let us charge our batteries and other gadgets within the building and they also gave us permission to camp out. During our time there we met a guy named Daniel who was stuck out in the desert camping. He was riding his bike for some kind of veterans cause and his tires blew out. He had been coming back to the gas station on and off for a week and they would feed him. We were able to bless him with a good meal and we were also able to pray for him. He really appreciated it, and showed us his pocket bible he carried around. Says that it was all he needed, and it is definitely true. Since the gas station was open 24 hours they let us stay in there as long as we wanted. A awesome guy named Anthony came in for the night shift and we watched the ball drop in New York at Pacific time (three hours in the past, when it actually happened). It started to heavy rain and continued to for a few hours after midnight so Anthony let us lay out on the floor with our sleeping mats so that we wouldn’t have to set up in the rain. In the morning while packing we met Hue, who was traveling from Oregon to Phoenix, Arizona his hometown. His car got a flat tire and he had to walk a good distance to get to the the gas station and seek help. He loves Jesus and was excited about what we were doing. We got to pray for each other and he gave us each a special gift before saying goodbye. We had the opportunity to pray and bless the employees who helped us out at the gas station. Each one of them were so kind and helpful. Just before we left someone gave us money to buy a hot meal before we left and on our way out an Australian couple in an RV gave us some money and food for the desert. It’s amazing how our God provides!!

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