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Today we walked to my aunt Monica and uncle Carlo’s house in Gainesville VA. It was about a 12 mile walk and along the way we met an awesome joyful Korean man, Kim. He spoke little English but we could understand most of what he was saying. Kim treated us to some coffee at Dunkin Donuts and and was in love with Jesus. He was so happy and he told us a lot of stories of him walking around South Korea for about seven years, from what I understood. He was very excited for us and took a lot of pictures with us on his camera. Kim was not a very wealthy man, but he gave us the last 2 dollars he had in his wallet plus, he bought us coffee plus, he had no money on his credit card. It was very touching and we prayed that God would bless him abundantly for blessing us. A couple miles later my cousin, my aunt Monica’s son, drove by and pulled over. We talked for a little and he also prayed for us. We also got to meet two awesome people who blessed us with some money. The one guy was from Canada and his mom whose name was also, was from Germany. They were really excited and glad they met us. After that we ate some cliff energy bars for lunch. We got to my aunts house around 5:30 and she heated up some food for us for dinner. Now we are ready to have an awesome new year with my family until I see them again. Hope everyone has a great new year! May God’s relentless love be with you all.

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