December 3-5, 2016

….We walked out of Peach Springs the next day and continuing further down Route 66 until we came to a town called Truxton, Arizona. It was a very small town close to/next to nothing except for a pretty lively Route 66 gas station. We stopped to use the bathrooms and got some small snack at the station. There was an elderly man at the cash register named Russell and we got to talking with him while we were picking up some food. After he heard what we were doing he nonchalantly told us that we could stay on his property in which he owned a small train station stop next to the railroad. The station was built in 1800s and Russell remodeled some of it. It was not functional anymore as an actual train station stop but it had a cool history to it for sure. It also was a place out of the cold that we could stay at. It was about another 6 miles to go to get to his house which took us about two more hours from the gas station. In the morning Russell gave us a run down on the history of the station and we also learned he was a sailor of his own sailboat. He had all sorts of surprises about himself! Continuing from Russell’s house we headed about 8 miles down the road, a little less than what our goal was for the day because Mark was feeling really sick. Turned out he had mild food poisoning from last nights dinner and was vomiting during the walk so we set up camp early. The next morning he was feeling much better and we managed to get to Kingman, Arizona the following day…

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