December 26-30, 2016

…We had much festivities on the road this Christmas, enjoying the lively hood of the season and realizing the true gift of the season, Christ Jesus and the company of each other. But we had to keep going. So with our holiday spirits soaring we continued to walk further into the beginnings of the Mohave desert. Not much has happened these past few days other than crossing over the Nevada state border into California, walking, eating, camping, and enjoying the desert secenery. The starry night sky and the sunsets are the most beautiful we have ever seen. Deserts are definitely dry and not as colorful as some parts of the country, but it really does have a magnificent beauty to it that you can’t find anywhere else. Our next big stop will be a gas station called “Desert Oasis” where we will be planning to restock on water and food. God has definitely given us a lot of joy during this time and has helped us to realize that he is with us and we don’t have to fear the desert ahead. He has always, and I do mean always, provided no matter the circumstances we have ahead of us. He constantly reminds us everyday and it is awesome!

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