December 21-25, 2016

…The next few days we made a good walk to the California border. We left Laughlin, Nevada and walked to Palm Gardens, Nevada just outside California! It was a pretty rough time getting here though. It was all uphill and very rainy for the past three days. Trevor had accidentally forgot his waterproof jacket at a previous hotel we stayed at in Kingman, Arizona in a washing machine. So he had to grin and bear it through some intense rain. The 22nd was special though because it was Trevor’s birthday! That day we just decided to stay at our camp spot. It was also very windy out during the night and we were having some issues with keeping our tent stakes in the ground. We were able to fix them by getting out and hammering them down again. On the 24th, Christmas Eve, it finally cleared up. In the morning it rained and hailed while we were walking, but it only lasted a little bit and then the beautiful blue sky appeared. We also ran into a public bathroom building in the middle of no where. It was on a little exit ramp off the highway. God provides indeed! From the restroom on it was all downhill until we came across a gas station where we filled up our water bladders and stocked up on food. One family that was getting gas gave us a fruit basket and big old beef sticks. Some people also gave us some money for food! We also met a Christian man who really encouraged us with his stories about how when ever he would listen to God’s voice crazy stuff would happen and his needs would be provided for. It reminded us to know that God will take care of us in the desert abundantely. After the gas station we found a spot to camp and on Christmas Day we stayed there. We decorated a tree with Trevor’s lights he had for his tent, ate a Christmas dinner consisting of pringles, fruit, cold packaged cheeseburger and corn dogs, and beef jerky. The sign for California was also right down the road, so we took a seasonal family photo in front of it. God is so good! We didn’t have much but we had Jesus and some fun.

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