December 2-4, 2014: Walking into Texarkana

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….In the morning the family had us over for breakfast and then brought us back to the diner where we began to walk. We walked about halfway to Texarkana, AR and found a spot to camp under a overpass bridge. The next day we walked into the town Texarkana where half of the town was in Texas and half in Arkansas. We went over the state line at least two times that night. We met a man who was traveling on bike to different states at a McDonald’s and got to spend some time with him. We got to bless him with a stay at a motel since he hasn’t slept on a bed for a while. The following day, we went to a local Starbucks in town and had a workday on the blog. We ministered to a lot of people there and met a few fellow Christians. We then got a night’s stay at a Day’s Inn down the road….

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