December 18, 2015

….Surprisingly we slept soundly at the airport through the night. We were planning on staying and sleeping at the airport four more nights, until our flight date, but sometimes our plans don’t work . Kurt felt lead to go talk to a lady who saw us sleeping in the airport. She looked pretty concerned for us because we looked kind of crazy! Kurt told her our story and she was really touched by it. Unexpectedly she asked us for our tickets and told us that she would get us a flight home that day! It was quite the surprise! One of our good friends, Joel, picked us up when we arrived home and we weren’t good at communicating how much stuff we had. He picked us up in his car which we crammed three jogging strollers, three large hiking backpacks, and Trevor’s guitar into. We had to bungee cord the trunk because there was too much. Also Jonathan had to sit on top Kurt for about two hours of driving, and Trevor was smushed against his guitar with his feet on the dashboard because there was no leg room! ┬áIt was quite a fun time! We got home a little deformed and cramped from the car ride, but ready to surprise our families. Sure enough we did! They did not see it coming at all!

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