December 17, 2014: Christmas Surprise Party

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…Stacey cooked us up breakfast in the morning while we packed our gear for the plane ride home. We then left after we had everything in order and Stacey took us to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Stacey was super helpful and we wouldn’t know how we could have gotten to the airport without Dan and her. The plane flight home was four hours long. We met our friend Nate in Philadelphia in the evening at the airport and he took us around town for the night. We went to Applebee’s and then went to go see his family back in Lancaster and then we went to go see a movie. It was late at night when we arrived home when everyone was asleep. We decided as a surprise that we would set up our tents in the yard so that when everyone would wake up they would be surprised. So we slept outside until daybreak when our surprise strategy would commence….

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