December 16, 2014: Post Flight Day

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….Today was the day. Tomorrow we are flying home for Christmas and New Years. We had gotten cheap tickets which was a blessing and our families did not know what date we would be arriving. We arranged for our friend Nate to come pick us up at the Philadelphia Airport. Gary and Robin, Trevor’s parents, had friends in Dallas, Dan and Stacey, that were coming to pick us up later that day and were having us spend the night at their house and then take us to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport in the morning. So today we walked to the next town, Mt. Vernon and ate breakfast there at a diner. Then we got in contact with, Jonathan, a guy we met at “The Mission” church in Mt. Pleasant. We met up with him and he drove us to Sulphur Springs which was closer for Dan to come pick us up. We hung out there at a restaurant and talked, also Jonathan was a guitar player, so he showed us his skills. It was a great time! Dan eventually came that evening and we packed our stuff in his van. When we arrived at Dan’s house his wife Stacey had dinner ready for us. She was good at feeding us well. Dan’s two sons, Cole and Kyle were there as well. Trevor showed one of his songs he wrote to them which was a blessing to their ears. It was a awesome evening and day all in all.

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