December 16-20, 2016

We have spent the past few days here in Laughlin, Nevada. God has really put on our hearts to stay and we are not sure why but we have been able to minister and encourage so many people around here. The hotels here have been surprisingly really cheap so we have been able stay for a bit longer than usual. We got to minister to one guy who was on the verge of understanding the gospel but wasn’t quite ready yet. We were able to pray for him though. Another guy we met at a FatBurger restaurant, he was having a hard time in relating to God and was feeling a lot of guilt from his past. We got to really encourage him to keep talking to Jesus and reading the Bible to help him understand what God is saying about his life and how much he loves him. We told him of some good churches that could help guide him with his relationship with God. One lady we met at the hotel’s casino we got tell about how much Jesus loves and cares for her. Another lady we talked to at the front desk happened to be a Christian and we got to speak into her life as well on obeying God wherever he tells you to do or go. She was really encouraging to us as well by being so kind and caring for our needs. She even decreased the rate for our room the first night we got there even though it was already super cheap. There was a few others we got to share with as well. Throughout our stay here it was great being able to just take it easy for a few days and just rest in God before we head out into the Mohave desert tomorrow. He has really shown us that we need not to worry or be concerned but just be content and trust in him. It’s going to be our longest stretch in where there is not a lot, only a two or three gas stations until we hit Barstow, California. One thing we do have is Jesus and he always seems to take care of our needs a day at a time, spiritually and physically. We have packed a lot of food for this next stretch, just to let you guys know, so we have enough to make it there plus there will be gas stations and cars that will be passing by. And the weather is going to be perfect! Keep us in your prayers for people and churches we can minister and meet out there! Also we have a lot of time to make it to Huntington Beach, California, the finish line. We will be there the 25th of February 25 and we will be trying to go facebook live to have you guys be a part of it so stay tuned for updates!

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