December 16-17, 2015

…Reyna (who is awesome!) was able to give us a ride to the bus station that Wednesday to take a bus back to Dallas for our flight back home for the holidays. We packed the car up, our gear making space for very little room and made our way to the station. The bus was leaving late that night, so we stuck around until late that day. Also our bus was too full so we had to take a transfer bus north to Amarillo, Texas and then to Dallas, Texas. While we were waiting at the station we started ministering to a women who had just given her life to Jesus and did not receive the Holy Spirit yet. So we prayed for her and the presence of God fell upon her and she felt it. She received the Holy Spirit! Afterwards it took us about two hours to arrive in Amarillo and we stayed at the bus station for the night. We made friends with a few people during our time there and were able to pray for a lady who had a stomach ache and God healed her! It took the bus about seven hours to get to Dallas. When we got there we ministered to a few homeless before walking to the airport. We tried finding a ride but no one could take us so we walked to the Dallas Lovefield Airport. Our flight actually was leaving the following Tuesday and it was a Thursday night, so we made ourselves comfy and out of view from the public, set up our sleeping mats and bags and slept for the night inside the airport. It was no trouble falling asleep because of all the restless travel we had earlier….

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