December 15, 2014: An Odyssey with Chris

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….Chris, a young man we met at “The Mission” church last night got a hold of us and was wondering if he could join us for the day’s walk, so he came and met us at the motel in the morning. Daniel and Kara a little later came and dropped off our clean laundry. It was great that we were able to say goodbye and thank them for being such a blessing to us. After getting packed up we took off with Chris. Chris definitely enjoys the outdoors and adventure, he and his friends go hiking and camping a lot. He and his friends made a camping fort out of tarps and sticks and they camp out in it often. Whenever he found something on the side of the road, like an interesting screw, he would pick it up and keep it I guess for a collection he had back at home or make gizmos out of it. For lunch we went under a bridge. Chris had brought a camping stove and hot dogs to cook up. We also went around and picked wild onions and ate them with the hot dogs. It was a great meal. After lunch we continued to walk into the town Winfield, TX, where there was a beer drive through store. Don’t really get to see these things where we’re from! Instead of having a drink we walked up and got peach sodas. Eventually Chris’s mother came and picked him up and we set up camp right beside the road. It was a fun day with Chris and God! Glad we met him! (We got along because of our awesome long hair)…

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