December 14-15, 2016

….We continued to walk through a mountain pass for the next couple of days into Laughlin, Nevada. It was all downhill which is a big plus if you are hiking. We passed over the Colorado River which is the boundary line between Arizona and Nevada! It will only take us about two days to walk through Nevada into California though. So it will be short lived state. Arizona has been quite the beautiful state to walk through and has been a really tough physically because of all the roads that stopped on us and the terrain we had to go through instead of roads to get places. A lot of stuff broke and got thrashed around on our jogging strollers but God always seemed to be faithful and get us through it. A major way he has done it is through the people we met escpecially a lady we met named Cheryl. She was probably the most generous and compassionate person we have ever met. We met her near Gallup, New Mexico where she had continued to come out to see us even if it was 3 hours away. She would drive out, give us food and whatever else we needed. She one time got her truck stuck in quicksand trying to come out to get us because Trevor’s jogging stroller axle broke and we were unable to continue walking. We were out beside the train tracks on a dirt road far from the main interstate. She was able to get her truck out and came back to pick us up the next day, fixed the stroller, and drove us back to where we were to continue walking. She made sure we were well taken care off all the way to Flagstaff, Arizona. She was definitely a main highlight in this state for sure! I just wanted to write this to thank her for all that she has done for us. We also want to thank everyone else we have met and have spent time with in Arizona. We couldn’t have made it this far without any of you guys!

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