December 13-15, 2015

…We were able to walk to Reyna’s church on time in the morning. When we got there Reyna and the church were very welcoming to us. We managed to make it just when worship was finishing up. The service, instead of a sermon was a Christmas skit that the church’s children program performed. You can learn so much from a child’s pure heart and joy for the Lord. After the service we went to a Chinese restaurant down the road for lunch. Reyna met up with us there and had some encouraging words to share with each one of us. She also told us that her parents bought us a hotel room for the night that was only a half a mile down the road. They were a huge blessing to us! We walked to the inn, made camp in our room, and rested for the evening…

The following day Reyna blessed us with two more nights at a different inn. During those two days we were able to prepare our gear to go home for the holiday season. We managed to get cheap plane tickets a couple months earlier to fly out of Dallas to give our families a surprise. Also, someone blessed us with money to take a bus ride back to Dallas from Lubbock that Wednesday. We made sure we had everything in order to return home, like cleaning our very moldy water bladders that were not used much in the city, so that we did not have to do it at home…

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