December 12, 2015

….The following day we took it easy and went to Popeye’s for lunch and daily devotionals. We left late from the hotel because we went to bed around three in the morning, it was a long night. From Popeye’s we walked about two miles to Chick-fil-A. During our time there, a lady named Reyna had a curiosity about what we were doing because she met two other groups besides us in the past who also were walking across the country. She encouraged us a lot in what we were doing which is something that we needed. She also invited us to her church’s children Christmas service tomorrow. We stuck around Chick-fil-A until close, without a place to stay yet. We sought the Lord and with his direction we went to a chicken wing restaurant across the street. We talked to the people there and they weren’t able to let us camp out anywhere, so we continued down the road. While we were walking we felt that we should stop and a man and his wife pulled up in their car to talk to us. They heard our story at the restaurant and wanted to pay for a hotel room for the night! So we walked and met them at the hotel. There we got to pray with them and thank them for their hospitality. No matter what God is always there and always moving wherever you are, he wants show us all, all we need are eyes and ears willing to listen and obey his call. He hears and cares for your needs, but most of all he loves you dearly which is all you need…

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  • Monica Justiniano says:

    This really spoke to me!! The importance of stopping, and right when you just let it go is when God shows up. So awesome how you guys hear the voice and the prompting of the Holy Spirit as He leads your every step!

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