December 11, 2014: Cajun Cowboy

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…From Naples we walked to the next town Omaha. Before we left we spent our breakfast in the gas station and talked to a couple of people. During the walk, a restaurant owner pulled up and offered us lunch. So we walked to his restaurant right down the road and him and his wife treated us to lunch. We also met a guy named KC who wanted to take us to Dairy Queen later that evening. We found out there was a motel/camper park in Omaha called the Cajun Cowboy, so we went to see if there were any rooms available. Unfortunately there weren’t any rooms, but the owners actually let us stay in the lobby because they felt bad leaving us out in the cold rain. They were really sweet, I think it also had to do with the wife of the owner being a mother and her motherly instincts kicked in when she saw us outside in the elements. Later we walked over to Dairy Queen and met up with KC. KC was a pastor of a cowboy church and served in Vietnam. He was a devoted godly man and loved serving the people around him. He had many stories to tell us. He also invited us to breakfast the next morning. After Dairy Queen we went to bed in the lobby of he inn…

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