December 11, 2015

….The next couple of days we had so many people we got connected with. While in the city we felt lead to go to a church called Trinity and there we met a guy who interviewed us for his radio show. We got to share about our journey and what the Lord is teaching us. He had a super cool radio voice too. After the interview he prayed for us and gave us some Sonic gift cards. In the evening we made our way to McDonald’s. Along the way, on the sidewalk we met Marcus, who looked like he was not having the best day. So we asked him what was wrong. So, he told us his story about how he got to Lubbock with his friends who had scammed him, including his girlfriend. He left her house to get out of the bad environment and was looking for a way to get back home to Indiana. He seemed really upset and anxious and he did not know why he was telling his story to us. We took him to McDonald’s and let him use our phones. We got to share Christ with him a lot during that time and we could tell that his anxiety was going away and he seemed more calm when he was with us. We talked with him about 8 hours and felt the Lord leading us to give him money for a bus ride to Dallas where his friend could pick him us. We also gave him some stuff that would keep him warm for the night. When we went outside we met a guy named Joseph who felt something different about us. He saw us earlier at a hotel and wanted to know what was different about us, so we told him about Jesus. He had many questions to ask and I believe the Holy Spirit helped us give him answers. Marcus was preaching to him about Jesus too! We gave Joseph a bible and got to pray for him and with Marcus before they left. That night we stayed at an Hotel that gave us a good discount rate. More stories to come!

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  • Carol says:

    A beautiful Christmas story put into action. Love, peace, joy…fruit of the spirit. You guys amaze me.
    Thanks again for sharing your stories.

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