December 11-13, 2016

….We said our final goodbyes to the Ramada inn staff and walked to a church further in town, a Calvary Chapel. There we met a lot of fellow believers who after church invited us to for some free cafe drinks and fellowship in the back of their church where they had a coffee shop. We talked and talked for a couple hours and eventually we got to continue walking. A sweet young lady from the church named Katy got us food at Wendy’s before we left. ¬†From there we walked about a mile or two off the highway to camp. We walked into Golden Valley, Arizona the next day which was just like the name suggests, a Valley that looks kind of golden. It was in the middle of two beautiful mountain ranges. It was really fast walking the miles going into the town since it was all downhill. Further in the town we came across a Texaco gas station and a nice lady named Pat let us camp out beside the gas station. She also bought us drinks. We went to the Dollar General the next day to get some more groceries for walking through the Mohave desert and then went about 8 miles further to a camping spot off the side of the road.

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