December 1, 2014: Piggin’ Out

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…Mrs. Kay made us breakfast in the morning and we got to spend a little more time with everyone before we hit the road. Autumn and her friend brought us back to where we got picked up for the evening service yesterday and we started walking. We walked to the town of Fulton where a lady brought us hot chocolate because it was pretty cold and told us that we could stay with her and her family on their farm. She had to run and make some errands, but told us to meet her at a store down the road and she would pick us up and take us to her house for the night. When we almost arrived a man pulled over and bought us burgers from a local diner. Afterwards we went to the lady’s farm which was a pig farm. They let us sleep in there really nice camper which was heated, it had bathroom and a kitchen. The lady and her family actually attend Unity Baptist, the church we went to yesterday, and their daughter was married to Keith, the worship leader we met back in Benton at the church, Holland Baptist. Later they showed us the pigs. They actually breed pigs and raise the piglets for a couple of weeks till the company takes them to be further raised. We have never seen so many pigs and piglets in our lives there were thousands! When we got back they let us take showers because you smell from being around so many pigs. They fed us dinner and we got to meet her husband before going to bed. (I am sorry, I forgot their names!)…

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