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Hey Everyone! We’re so sorry about the spam recently. We are redoing the website and I clicked the wrong thing so it sent out a bunch of empty emails. That was my fault, love you all!

Opportunities to Speak

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Hey everybody!! We had the awesome opportunity to share about our journey at two retirement communities and at our home church in Gap, Pennsylvania this past Sunday. You can view the church service down below.

We also apologize for not getting you guys the pictures of our last day and of us plunging into the pacific ocean yet. We will try to get them posted as soon as we can. Love you guys and again thank you for all the support over these past few years!!


February 18 – February 25, 2017: A Journey’s End

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….On February 25th we took our final steps into the vast Pacific Ocean! Ed and Cindy, who picked us up from Anaheim, California because of a crazy storm that hindered us, drove us back to walk from Anaheim to there house. It was our last bittersweet long walk, about 12 miles total. We stayed at their house another day and went to church with them in the morning. Pastor Don let us share our journey during their testimony time. After the service Ed and Cindy invited us to a meeting where their church’s missionaries met for updates and prayer for what God is doing in their lives. We got to share more in depth with the group and they highly encouraged us in what God has planned for us after the trip. We felt a lot more peace after the meeting. When we got back to Ed and Cindy’s house Jonathan’s aunt Victoria picked us up to take us back to her place until our parents flew in to see us jump into the ocean. We stayed with her for about four nights until our parents came. We got a hotel in Hunting Beach for both our families to stay in. The next day, February 25th, we all drove back to Ed and Cindy’s house and walked from there to the beach. It was only 3 miles, only 3 miles and we were done! As soon as we were about 30 feet away from the ocean we took off our shoes and ran straight into the water. It was freezing yet so fulfilling!! Much tears of happiness were received from our families and many more overwhelming emotions were felt. Some people came out to see us reach the coast whom we became friends with such as Glenn. Him and his wife Susie let us stay in their house for a few days when we first started to get into the vast metropolitan of Los Angeles. Also Ed, Cindy, and their son Jonathan joined for the celebration. After the plunge we all ate at a diner off the pier right next to us. Great way to finish it all off! We want to thank you all for everything!!

You guys have been so faithful and encouraging to us. We honestly could not have made it with out you guys walking beside us the whole way. It wasn’t a church of me and Trevor it really was A Church Of Us. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ you are a part of the worldwide church and without God and each other we would fall apart.  Those of you who were Christians have really showed us that the Church is still alive and living out love on a daily basis. By taking us in you were taking care of your savior Jesus. And for those who don’t really believe in Jesus who have helped us, we are truly grateful. We hope you saw at least a glimmer of how much God is madly in love with you and wants a pure authentic relationship with you. He is the only one who will give you a reason to live life to the fullest. He is everything you need and more. He never leaves or forsakes and remains faithful to you through anything this world has done to hurt you or anything you have done, individually, because we have all contributed to the evil in this world. He saves you from yourself, and wants you to be with him forever. Death can’t hold him back and through believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth that Jesus is the one and only true God, you can be raised to life and be with him for all eternity.  He is our best friend and I hope he becomes yours. Live your life with the only purpose that lasts forever. Thank you all!

P.S. Our good friend James Barkman came down from Oregon and took some awesome pictures of us reaching the coast which we will post for you guys to see once we get them. Check out his photography at or on instagram @jamesbarkman.


February 13-17, 2017: Down to the Beach We’re Strolling

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…Jonathan’s aunt Victoria dropped us back off at Glenn and Susie’s house in Rancho Cucamonga in the evening and we left their house the next day in the afternoon. We walked to the next populated area called Claremont. Glenn and Susie gave us gift cards to multiple restaurants in the area, so we chose Mimi’s Cafe. After dinner we continued to walk 3 more miles to a Knight’s inn. Only about 40 Miles from there was the glorious HuntingBeach. Our final destination. We walked about 14 miles to Diamond Bar, California. We stopped at a Starbucks and took a small break where we sipped some caffeinated beverages and talked about memories of the journey. A couple hours later we walked a few hundred feet down the road to a gas station that let us camp out. We got a free hotel stay next to Disneyland in Anaheim because we had points that built up from previous hotels across the country land. It was at a Howard Johnson hotel and it was about another 13 miles away. Once we got there in the late afternoon we took a plung at the pool and enjoyed the comfy beds. It was a very happy place, probably because of Disneyland being it’a neighbor. Nobody is grumpy in Disneyland! The next day we planned on walking to a familiy’s house that some friends from our hometown knew about, but there ended up being a severe rain storm hitting the coast and the conditions were very dangerous to walk in. The family drove out to pick us up before the weather got really bad and we hung around their house for the day, mostly with their sons Jonathan and Daniel. Their parents Ed and Cindy had to work. It sure was a splendid time of rest and we are glad we were inside because it was a typhoon outside!!

-Glenn, Susie, and their dog Nichsky

-Trevor enjoying some strawberries that Glenn and Susie gave us for a snack

– A nice comfy free hotel room!



February 5-12, 2017: Stalling

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…From the Pacific Crest trail we got back onto Route 66 and continued to walk through the mountain pass. The desert eventually became more alive. The sprouts of grass that we saw every now and started to show up everywhere, reminding us of the east coast. Trees were also all over the mountain ranges. We found a camp spot off the road, on a patch of long grass and pitched a tent. We woke up at 3 in the morning, packed our stuff and left around 4 am to walk 12 miles to a church called Hillside Community Church in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The service was really awesome and the security gaurds let us park our strollers outside the building and kept an eye out for them. After the service a guy named Chris let us camp out back behind the building on their baseball field. We went out to eat and then came back later to set up camp. The following day we woke up early and went to a McDonald’s. It was raining while we were packing and continued pretty much the whole day. Chris, the guy we met at the church, got in contact with a family and they gave us a call to see if we wanted to stay with them for the night. They were only about 2 miles away so we walked to their house. Their names were Glenn, Susie, and they also had a son named Blake. They fed us dinner once we got their and we had a fun time getting to know them. Jonathan’s aunt, was planning to come and take us on a surprise trip and it was easier for her to pick us up in Rancho Cucamonga, so they let us stay until his aunt picked us up the following day. They gave us quite the California experience, mostly with food. They treated us to fish tacos and sushi. We had a great time. Victoria picked us up, with her friend Krystle and Krystle’s mom in the morning the next day. They took us on a surprise trip to Slab City, California to visit Salvation Mountain. It was awesome! It took a man 30 years to make it and it is all about Jesus and God’s love for the world. Victoria thought it was fitting for what we were doing. We then drove back to her place where we have been staying since. We were about a week and half ahead of schedule to make it to Huntington Beach so we are trying to stall so that we can make it in time for our parents to fly out and see us jump in the ocean. Only about two weeks left! The countdown begins!

February 3-4, 2017: Through the Mountain Pass

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….Ronald came back in the morning around 8:30 and gave us some treats to take on the road before leaving. There was also a kind lady from the business next to Ronald’s who gave us some goodies. It consisted of Girl Scout cookies, Pringles, water bottles, and Gold Fish. It was a 9 mile walk until an hour before sunset. We attempted to ask a local hay feed business. We ended up talking to a really awesome guy named Jeremy who tried to reach out to his boss for permission. It didn’t work out though. From there we continued further down and found a spot off the side of the road in a burnt down forest. All the shrubs were charred and whithered due to a wild fire that passed through that area the previous summer. The next day we took a hike through the San Antinio Mountains. After this mountain pass we will be walking into the vast amount of cities off the southwestern coast and eventually into our final destination, HuntingBeach! It took a lot of steep uphill and downhill back roads to get there but it was only about two miles. We eventually ended up getting to a McDonald’s that was off the interstate and was a big stop for Pacific Crest hikers since the trail was right down the road from it. We ate a hearty fast food meal there and camped on the trail since it was the only route we could take to get back onto Route 66…



January 23 – February 2, 2016: Victorville Fun

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….Peter dropped us back off at the Pizza Hut he picked us up from a few days ago. We then walked from Barstow past a small town called Lenwood. We continued along until we came to Victorville which was about 37 miles away from Barstow. We called ahead to a church in town called the High Desert Church. They let stay in one of their buildings for a night where they also had showers for us to clean up. Jesse, one of the maintenance workers for the church, his wife, and his best friend took us out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in town. We had a blast fellowshipping with some awesome fellow believers. They were hilarious! The next day we left early and went to a Starbucks to read our bibles. There we met Bob who was also a Christian and we got to talking to him about his life. God really gave us words to encourage him. He was going through a rough time and we had the privilege to pray for him before leaving. He greatly appreciated it. As we continued on we got to talk to a few other people about Jesus and it was awesome to see God bring smiles to their faces. Since it was getting really late we didn’t get to make it out of town in time. Cool thing was during sunset when we were walking to get out of town, we both felt like we should ask a random tax return business if we could camp on their property. We did not know where else to camp because it was a big town. The owner Ronald without question gave us permission. He too was an inspired hiker. One of his goals is to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, a hiking trail running from Mexico to Canada. He let us camp out back behind the building. For dinner he surprised us with a pizza and while we ate we got to talk with him more. He really enjoys working at his business and he is the proud father of four kids. It was an awesome opportunity to get to know Ronald and his heart….


January 22-26, 2016: Peter and Dixie

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…Peter and Dixie brought us to the First Baptist church in Barstow, California Sunday morning. Dixie cooked us up a hearty breakfast before going. We joined them for their church’s bible study before the actual service and we got to share what we were doing with the group. They were inspired about where and what God has brought us through these past three years. They were all very uplifting and encouraging to us and It was nice to be in such a solid fellowship. It was something we have not experienced in a while. The actual service was great as well and we got to meet some more friendly faces. Peter and Dixie brought us back to their home and let us do our laundry and enjoy the Sunday afternoon. We ended up staying with them about three more days because it was actually raining and flash flooding around different spots in the Southern California area. It rained for a couple of days and apparently California was already going over their yearly precipation rain fall. It was good though because they were going through a drought for a long time. During our time therePeter took us in his 1954 Ford Silveliner to Barstow to get some groceries. We took that car out for a couple joy rides around different areas in Barstow. Dixie kept feeding us solid meals so we were quite satisfied. Dixie was also a nurse so she had to work two of the days we stayed there. Getting to know Peter during that time was an adventure. He had quite the interesting stories. He was in a plane crash and a ship wreck. The plane wreck was in Libya while he was doing some missionary work there with Dixie and he was flying the airplane. Another was when he was crab fishing in Alaska. There was a book about crab fishing’s dangerous environments and he was in a chapter of it. It told the story of the shipwreck and how he and all the crew survived. We got to read it and it was amazing. The final evening we stayed, Peter made a fire by the lake and we enjoyed each others company. Dixie came back that afternoon so we were able to see her before leaving. The next day we finally set off. It was a bittersweet goodbye, but we will see them again some other day. They have become family to us and it was very refreshing and encouraging to spend some time with them. They were both were such humble godly servants. They both shine brightly for God. Thank you Peter and Dixie!

January 15-21, 2017: Rainy Days and Cafes

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We continued our way into a town called Newberry Springs. On our way there, Matt who stopped by a few days ago came and brought us some food to heat up for dinner. He wanted to see if we were alright because it was raining these past few days. We got to talk with him for a good while. From there we continued on further to a camping spot among some solid volcanic rock. We camped out there for two days to rest up. The next few days we walked into a very small town called Newberry Springs, California. There was an old Route 66 Cafe up and running called the Bagdad Cafe. We treated ourselves with a good dinner. They also let us camp out behind their building. In the morning the manager, Gilbert cooked us a breakfast free of charge before leaving. It filled us up pretty good and it was nice to have after packing our tents in the rain. During the walk that day a guy named Peter stopped by and asked what we were doing. Right away we could tell that Peter was a Christian through the way he smiled and talked with us. Funny thing was that he attends the church we were going to in Barstow, California that Sunday. We prayed together before we parted ways. We got into Barstow Saturday and made our way to the church to see if anybody was there. Unfortunately there was no one, so we went to a Mexican restaurant down the road. It was getting late and we were having trouble finding a place to lay our heads. Our phones were also dead and we were in the middle of the city. So we prayed and felt God leading us to go to Pizza Hut where we only had enough money to get two water bottles, so that we would not be loitering on the property. There were outlets so we charged our phones. Once our phones came on, Trevor’s phone got a call from Peter, whom we met earlier, and he invited us to spend the night at his house! About a half hour later he came and took us back to his place. His wife Dixie, fed us some muffins and hot chocolate before we went to bed. God always seems to work things out!



January 12-14, 2017: Good Rest and Nutrients 

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…The following day we continued forth to Ludlow, where there was supposedly a motel, which means there must also be a shower!! On the journey to Ludlow we met a few people who gave us some very healthy provisions. One couple stopped by and gave us cranberries, bananas, potatoes, and a jalepaneo. As we continued on some railroad workers stopped by and gave us some more water. These guys have seen us since the beginning of Arizona. And yet one more person stopped to give us some oranges. He was an elderly man named Bill, who was driving from Oregon to Arizona to sell a couple boxes full of fresh oranges. He told us a lot about the oranges and gave us a huge bag of them. They lasted us about a week!  The next day we made it to Ludlow. The only places there were a Chevron gas station, a cafe, and a motel. All three things were definitely good after walking through the Mojave Desert! It was raining all day and since Trevor lost his rain jacket he got pretty cold. So we quickly went inside and got a room for the night. Jonathan had a pair of walking boots waiting for him that his mom mailed to the Chevron. They held them there for a couple of days until we arrived. One of the first things we did was take a shower. It has been about three weeks since we last took one and it was much needed. Since there was no laundry machine Jonathan ended up washing his clothes in the shower with some soap and hung them up throughout the room to dry. We headed out the next day and restocked on some food and water in which the Chevron gave us an employee discount to save some money. A lot of people were curious about what we were doing and gave us extra money for the food! Someone randomly gave us a pizza and some sodas to eat as well. We walked a short distance out of town and camped out that night…