August 9, 2014: Revivals

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….Richie this morning took us to breakfast early in the morning before the church revival service. For the service Pastor Larry gave us the opportunity to speak and encourage the church about our journey, and listening and obeying God’s word in their lives whether it was at home or somewhere foreign, all that mattered is being like Jesus to people. The pastor gave us ten minutes so we had to make it brief. For the actual church revival service, the pastor had a guest speaker from Oklahoma, Pastor Rod. His teaching was about making sure that we were ready for the return of Jesus and looking forward to it. After the service Pastor Larry and his wife Mrs. Vine took us out for lunch at an Mexican restaurant where we had fellowship. It encouraged us to see that this church was so excited about the journey Godhas put us on and they gave us a new kind of zeal for the road ahead of us. It was definitely evident to see that God had used them to encourage us because of their humble hearts and their thirst to see a revival take place in the town of Camden. After praying about it we decided that it would be okay to stay another day at the church, so they took us back where we spent some more time in the word of God. The church was having another service in the evening and before it started we got to minister to a young man who had just received Christ a few days before we came. He just needed some encouragement and questions answered, it was pretty neat. Pastor Rod spoke again at the night service about seeking the presence of God and the Holy Spirit moved powerfully, touching many of the congregation’s hearts. Later after the service Pastor Larry took us to McDonald’s for an evening bite. It was a true honor being able to spend time with Pastor Rod and Pastor Larry, they had such a heart for people who are lost and unsure. God loves to use people who are willing to do and give anything to help those who need Jesus, “For God loves a cheerful giver.”

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