August 5-8, 2014: A Work of Prayer

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…..Jeff came in pretty early the next morning. Jeff turned on the news while we were in his office and we got into talking about the government and how our leaders have gone downhill from the sound biblical doctrines of our founding fathers. But, we realized that we should always be praying for those that God has placed as governing authorities for our nation, to make Godly decisions and come to the revelation of Jesus Christ. Jeff fed us breakfast and we had a time of prayer before heading out. Jeff was blessed to meet us and for us to meet him, it was a great time getting to know this Godly man and talking about what God has been showing us. We decided today that we would spend this week catching up on the blog so we only went a couple miles down the road to The Anchor Inn. Along the way we passed Tequilla Johns where they offered us a drink and a place to sit for a little bit. We used this little break to read the Bible. We arrived at The Anchor Inn shortly after the restaurant and worked on the blog for the rest of the day.

The following day we walked to the Scottish Inn. We walked over the beautiful Tennessee river and the Inn was about a few miles away from the end of the bridge. We got to the Scottish Inn and continued working on the blog there. Our stay was about two days at the Inn since it was storming the next morning. A lot was worked on within those two days though and we used a lot of time to rest in God and his word.

After the two days at the Inn, we continued walking to the next town Camden. It was a very desolate walk with no places to rest or eat. One of the prayers we prayed for the day was that God would provide us an awesome church to attend tomorrow, since it was going to be Sunday, that would be filled with love and be on fire for the Lord.  We also asked for a place to eat lunch. God listens to your prayers! A youth pastor named Richie, pulled over in his pickup truck and invited us to eat lunch at his church in Camden! So we accepted the offer and made our way down the road to an Assemblies of God church where they were having a lunch meal. The assistant pastor saw us walking on the side of the road and got in contact with the main Pastor, Pastor Larry whom we met at Mimi’s Cafe in New Johnsonville the other day. Pastor Larry called Richie and told him to come pick us up and invite us to church. The youth group leaders provided mattresses for us to sleep on in the preschool classroom for the night. Of course everyone at the church was willing to help us out in anyway and they were all on fire for the Lord, which was a divine answer to prayer. The church also had internet for us to use for working on the website that night. God proved himself faithful by answering the prayers of his children, he saw our need and abundantly provided us more than we could have ever asked. God is abundant even if we have little….

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