August 30-31, 2014: BBQ and Jimmy Johns

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….Turns out that we were camping out at the city hall of the town Lakeland. We packed up our tents and headed over to one of the gazebos to read our bibles. A man came a little while showed up and started to clean the gazebo, for his wife’s family reunion, he let us stay and read though, and we got to talk to him for while. About an hour later some of the family started showing up, so we started walking. Today we made our way to Bartlett, TN right outside of Memphis City. We made a pit stop at a Walgreen’s for water and kept going until we came to a BBQ restaurant called Gridley’s BBQ. We were not planning to go inside but one of the employees saw us and asked us what we were doing and we told him we were walking for Jesus. He took us inside to meet his boss who was a christian, and was ecstatic to meet us and we talked for while. The owner said she would help us find a place once her husband shows up. When he did he took us to the salvation army close by which was booked. By this time we really needed to get our laundry done and take showers, so we asked if he would take us to an inn close by. Before he took us though, he wanted us to meet one of his good friends. So we had the honor to met him and he was a great man of God. He encouraged us and prayed for our journey. We talked for a long time. Afterwards we were driven to a Quality Inn where we stayed for the night and got to do our laundry!  When we arrived we talked to the front desk man about Jesus and what we believe and what he believes. We talked a lot about whether evolution is true or not, but all that mattered was us showing him Jesus’s love and answering his questions of life. Hope he comes to know Christ! We also took a much needed shower while doing laundry before bed… (I again apologize for forgetting the names! I would usually have these names written down but I lost my notes! These people really were awesome though!)

The next day we decided to stay and work on the blog/rest for another day. We went to dinner at a sub shop called Jimmy Johns, it was sort of like subway except they had all these cool thought provoking posters and quotes on the walls. Later we did a prayer walk around the Inn and went to bed shortly after….

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