August 3-4, 2014: New Johnsonville, TN

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….Next destination was the small town of New Johnsonville, a town that was right next to the great Tennessee River. From Waverly it was about 10 miles. After stopping at a small diner right outside of Waverly we started walking. Along the path today a lady stopped by and offered to by us a night at the Deerfield inn in town about 4 more miles away! The inn came up right when you entered the small town. The lady also paid for our meal from the local Mexican restaurant, Tequila Johns. We then got settled in our room. We also had the opportunity to minister to one of the employees during our evening there. The dinner was pretty hearty and after we were satisfied we continued working on the website with the available wifi. After a good working effort we went to sleep.

Breakfast the next morning was at a cafe called Mimi’s, which was right next to the inn. The news story that was broadcasted about us was still lingering, so some of the employees knew who we were before we started eating. We also met a pastor there who invited us to his revival service in following town, Camden. We left and walked down the road a little further and came across a restaurant called, The Southern Oasis, whom the owner, Jeff, came hollering out to invite us for a glass of sweet tea. During our time there we decided to use the wifi to work on the much needed blog posts. Also during our time there we got to meet a few friendly folks. One of them, a guy named Garrett, was in a bad accident two years ago and damaged his brain which has given him trouble moving his right arm. He has a great attitude though and speaks at local churches in town and other events to inspire. Later that night we were planning to go a couple more miles down the road to the nearest inn, but Jeff gave us a place to stay in his restaurant office, that had two couches for us to lay on for the night. So, before the restaurant closed down we got to hang out with Jeff before we went to bed….

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