August 28-29, 2014: There is Always Somewhere to Stay

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….We did not find a church today to attend to in time, so we just stayed in the area. We made our way down to a shopping strip where there was a church office, to see if anyone was there, but there wasn’t, so we read our bibles outside of the offices. It was raining a lot so we waited until the rain stopped and headed over to a place called Yogurt Mountain where we had yogurt snack. We just kind of sat around and talked to a few people throughout the day until evening. We made our way down to a sports bar and grill where we had dinner and outside the grill we skyped Jonathan’s mom and sister for a while. We couldn’t find a place to sleep, so Trevor scoped out the area to see if we could camp. At the end of the shopping strip was a guy still awake in a seafood restaurant called “Off the Hook.” It was pretty late, so Trevor got his attention and he actually let us sleep in the restaurant for the night! His name was Nex and he was from Syria. He was the general manager of the restaurant and sometimes he would spend the night in the restaurant because of a lot of things that needed to get done like cleaning the floors or washing the dishes. They did not have a lot of employees. He let us sleep on the booth seats in the restaurant, which were surprisingly comfy.

…We had to get up pretty early the following morning because Nex’s boss was coming in to open up the restaurant. Turned out that he was running late though, so they didn’t get to open up until later. Nex made us pancakes for breakfast and we hung out with him for a while until lunch started. Nex offered when he was on break that he would take us to a baptist church down the road for its service later that afternoon. He needed a car so he used Ashley’s car, a waitress who came in later (he asked to use it). Before we left we had lunch at the restaurant and Nex was a really good cook, he was the only chef that was working so it was pretty busy for him, but once it started slowing down he took us to the church. It was only a five minute drive there. It turned out that it was a Mormon church though so it did not really work out with us staying there for the night. There was a visitor center across from the church so we made our way over to it. It was the Memphis visitor center. The lady’s at the front desk were really nice and tried to help us out, but could not find a place for us to stay. One of the ladies gave us a ride back to McDonald’s where we continued walking. It was becoming evening and we tried asking a church along the road if we could camp out, but it didn’t work out and then a gas station. It was no use though, nothing was working out! Around this time it was dark, so we continued walking for about five more miles till we came across a random city hall that was in the middle of nowhere. It was closed because of memorial day and no one was there. It was pretty late and we were tired so we decided to camp out beside the city hall baseball field. We were out of view from traffic so we camped out there hoping that we would not get a surprise awaking the next morning. Praise Jesus! He helped us find a random city hall! I thank him for testing us and humbling us so we can trust him all the more! Because he always has a place for us even in our doubts….

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