August 26-27, 2014: Rocky Road to Arlington, TN

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….After we packed up and got our Camel Baks refilled at the gas station across from the church, we started walking towards Arlington, TN. We made it to a town that was in between Arlington and Stanton called Mason. When we arrived there, we felt a leading to go to one of the churches where we waited for about ten minutes. One of the people we met today along the road was an electrician named Daniel and he came back looking for us because he had a copy of the Brownsville newspaper that had us on it with the Sheriff Billy Jackson. He gave us the copy and we asked him if there was any place to stay in Mason for the night. Daniel then, contacted the police and they took us to the city hall until they figured something out. We ended up getting a place to stay in the town courthouse and the police officer took us to a restaurant called Bozo’s BBQ which one of the scenes from the movie Walk The Line was filmed. The manager there was very nice, she gave us some food for breakfast and sweet tea to go. We got driven back to the courthouse which had a cot to sleep on, there was only one though so one of us slept on the floor.

…The following day we walked into Arlington. We were stopped a couple times today. One of the elders from the church we camped out at, Woody’s, house was along the highway we were walking on. He holler to get our attention and we made our way over to his yard where he and his friend were sitting. We decided to eat some of our granola for our lunch break and hang out with him on his front yard. Woody has some type of lung cancer that has made it hard for him to move around and work like he used to, so we prayed for him and his health before we left.  He had a lot of stories about his career, his job was getting dead bodies to the funeral home, which can create many interesting stories. After leaving we came across a town called Gallaway where we were stopped yet again to eat at a restaurant that served straight up southern cuisine. Ashley, was the one who stopped us and wanted to pay for our dinner. We had the opportunity to minister to her while we were eating and she was very touched by our journey. We prayed before we left for God to give her the strength to trust him and lead her to a good church that will grow her relationship with him. It was awesome to see Jesus break down walls. It only took us a few miles till we ended up in Arlington where we got to talk to some teenagers skateboarding in the town square, about what we were doing. They saw us on the Brownsville newspaper. It was getting pretty dark when we finally found a place to camp at, McDonald’s. The employees there were really excited and let us camp behind the restaurant for the night…

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