August 24-25, 2014: A Walk With Spence

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….We had to leave the police station because the morning patrol was starting early. One of the officers gave us food for on the road today. On our way through Brownsville we stopped at a new thrift shop in town that just opened. The owner of the shop was going to start pastoring a church in town, so we were able to pray for her. Further down the road walking, we ran into another lady who was having knee/leg problems, so we prayed and ministered to her as well. We gave a lot of encouragement and hope that she needed to hear. She was having problems trusting in the lord and coming to church, she also was in a bad relationship. God really used us to lift her spirits and we are thankful we obeyed him. It got desolate during our walk today again, it was flat with a lot of farmland. One lady invited us to drink a glass of lemonade and made us bologna sandwiches for lunch. It was getting more towards the evening when we started looking for a place to stay. It was again another really hot day and we took a lot of breaks from the sun. We found a church no to far away that unfortunately had no one there. So, we tried the house that was next to it, but also nothing, and then another. Not much was working, we kept walking. One of the houses we walked by though invited us to have a drink of water. Apparently one of the guys who lived at the house, Bobby, was Sheriff Billy’s brother whom drove us in Brownsville! We got to talking more and the elderly lady who owned the house let us sleep in the house for the night and fed us dinner. The lady’s son, Spence; daughter in law, Wendy; and grandson also lived there. They fed us homemade spaghetti and sweet tea and gave us towels for the shower. They were a christian family and we had a good time talking and fellowshipping with them.

…The next day Spence, decided to join us on our walk to the next town. He was really touched by our story and testimony and the holy spirit was moving mightily in his time with us. It was a good time of ministering. He had a lot of questions on how God was providing for our needs and we told him it was all because we were obedient to his calling for us to walk across the country. He really does take care of those who love him and are called according to his purposes. We continued walking till we came to the small town of Stanton and we had lunch at a place called Sugas Diner. Spence called one of his friends who helped us find a place to stay for the night at a church right behind the diner. So we all went over there during the bible study service and they welcomed us in without hesitation. Spence and his friend had to go, so we said goodbye. Spence and his family were such a loving and God seeking family. We had a great time ministering to him. The church had us speak, asked many questions, and they gave us bottle water to drink. They let us camp outside on the church property for the night…

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    You continue to amaze me!!! Thank you for your updates! (We were at the Hampton Inn for our grandson’s college graduation at the end of April). I had my picture taken with you. He graduated from Johnson University. Anyway, keep on keeping on! You just keep showing how God provides for our daily needs! Blessings to you all. I’m sure once you have completed your journey you will be writing a book…I’ll purchase a signed one, okay???? God bless! Carol Larson

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