August 23, 2014: The Heat

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….Early the next morning Carolyn had one of her good friends to come take us out to breakfast down the road. Carolyn came to join us a little while after we arrived. We asked Carolyn if she could drop us off at the location where the police sheriff, Billy picked us up the other day. She was more than willing and it was along the way to her work anyways. She also offered to take a load of our backs and keep our packs for the day and drop them off later wherever we were going to be that afternoon. So we got to be super speedy again. Along the way today we had no water and it was again very humid and hot, we were getting pretty thirsty. Thankfully a man that was walking outside his yard we were passing gave us two bottles of water. We looked pretty parched and crazy. This man was a follower of Jesus and was really excited about the journey we were endeavoring and prayed for us. Eventually we made it into Brownsville and headed to the Walmart in town. It was really refreshing coming into the store and feeling a nice cool conditioned air flow. We even went to the ice freezers, opened the doors and stood in them. Like I said it was very hot, most of it is because Tennessee is very humid. We walked into the subway inside the Walmart and took a nice cool break. Carolyn found us at Walmart and brought us our backpacks. We went outside to her car to get them. It was our last time seeing Carolyn, and she will be dearly missed. She was a very caring and loving women and she helped us out so much these past couple of days, above and beyond what we expected. I think God was using her more than what she knew. The Walmart did not allow us to camp out on the property, so we decided to try the police station down the street and the police there were more than willing to help. It did not work out for us to stay inside the station, but we were able to camp out behind the station and use the bathroom inside. The one police officer was also a christian and he prayed with us before we set up camp…

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