August 22, 2014: Brownsville Family Restaurant

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….Today was the day of rest, Sunday. It did not work out being able to attend the Methodist Church that hooked us up for the night at the motel, so we walked to a place where we could have church together, read the bible and encourage each other. We stopped at a donut shop down the street for breakfast called Baskin Donuts . There we had donuts and church. The small shop was actually owned by asians who were christians! They were from one of the Thai countries. The lady at the register actually joined our bible study since it was not that busy, and we tried to help her with reading the english translation and speaking it. She was one of the sweetest ladies and was very devoted to reading the bible and following Jesus. Her son was the one who owns the donut shop and she helps him out by being the cashier. Even though she didn’t understand us fully we could tell that the love of Jesus was all over her. We got to pray with her before we left. We found out that their was a Bed and Breakfast/Family Restaurant not too far down the road from us. We walked there planning to try and get a discount to stay for a night. When we came into the restaurant and took a seat we realized that the Carolyn, the owner of the Front Porch restaurant in the town of Bells owned this restaurant as well! She was excited to see us again and so were we! She bought us lunch that afternoon. It was pretty awesome how God worked it out for us to see each other again. So we got to minister, encourage, and pray for her. God, definitely had us see each other for a reason, and we believe it was to continue to minister to her. Since she owned the Bed and Breakfast as well, she gave us a discount, but we gave her more than what she asked because she needed it for her businesses. This family restaurant is only opened on Sunday’s but she also runs the other one in Bells, so she is an extremely busy lady. After she closed down the restaurant in the early afternoon she took us upstairs to the Bed and Breakfast, and also gave us food to eat for dinner. To our surprise the bed and breakfast was huge, it toke up the whole second floor! Complete with a kitchen, you made your own breakfast at this B & B. Carolyn wants to advertise it more because no one knows about it, so if you are ever in Brownsville Tennessee, be sure to stop by this bed and breakfast, it is right above the Brownsville Family Restaurant. Just ask Carolyn when you get there. Before they left we prayed together and for rest of the day we spent reading the bible before going to sleep…

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