August 20-21, 2014: Jackson

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…..From the Rama Inn we headed on over to subway for breakfast. During our time there eating and reading the bible, an elderly couple started talking to us and offered for us to stay at their church in Bells, TN. It was not too far away either, so we agreed to stay. We walked into town around lunch time and ate lunch at a Chinese Restaurant downtown called Ho-Ho’s. We got to talk to the owner who was from China and has been living the states for about forty years. He told us his story to us and how he came to America. He was sick of not having the right of privacy since in China they monitor everything because of its communist society. He let us pray for him before we left and we met his lovely spouse. The subway couple we met arrived at the church down the road and they opened it up for us and let us help ourselves to the food they had there. They showed us around the building which was a Church of Christ church. It used to be a more thriving church back in the day apparently, but for some reason it was dying in numbers. It was pretty sad because this church is very large and had many rooms for ministry, but it hasn’t been used in ages. Later that night we prayed over the church for a revival and regrowth. The couple then took us out for dinner at a pizzeria on the main strip of the very small town of Bells. We had a great time getting to know these couple’s hearts. (Sorry I forgot your names!)

…We slept on the church pews for the night in the sanctuary of the church. The couple came by to let us free and we prayed with them before we left. They hooked us up with a Methodist church in the next town, Brownsville that would put us up for the night. The heat today was extremely hot, we actually found out that there was a heat advisory. We were about halfway away from the town stuck in the middle of nowhere, where there was no civilization except for corn fields and one or two houses. We were both getting a little weary from the heat. Just when we stopped to take a break and figure out where we were going to stay because of the weather, a police sheriff stopped by. His name was Billy Jackson, and he drove us into town. He first stopped by his neighbor’s house who worked for the local newspaper and had her interview us. We got a picture with him. Billy brought us to the Sonic in town where we ate and waited for a member from the methodist church to pick us up. During our time waiting we got to talk to some people about what we were doing. The backpacks and walking sure does give us a opportunity to share about Jesus. The church came a couple hours later and drove us to an inn down the road that is owned by a man who attends their church and paid for a night’s stay there. So, we washed up and took it easy for the night. God had his hand in getting us here from that intense heat right in the nick of time!

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