August 2, 2014: Said the Tree to the River; Daylight

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…..Peyton this morning took us to the Friendship World Outreach campus in McEwen because Pastor Tommy wanted us to be there for the service. To our surprise we got to see two familiar faces when we arrived at the church, Brian and Sara, whom’s house we spent the night at the other day. They were both leading worship for the Sunday morning service. When the sermon was just about to start Pastor Tommy invited us up unexpectedly and introduced who we were and what are mission was. After the introduction he took us in the back of the building and told us that we were going to hurry down to the next campus in Waverly. So, we left and since he was the campus pastor there as well, he introduced us again to that church location. Many people came up to us after the service and encouraged/prayed for us. Denise, the youth pastor, invited us to lunch after the service to his daughter’s pizzeria restaurant down the road. Peyton, Tommy’s daughter Megan and her sister and Megan’s friend joined us. Someone in the group came up with the idea to record one of Trevor’s songs. Peyton was also a really good singer and to make Trevor’s song complete we needed her for the song.  Denise’s wife found us an area to record and it was a good place to do it. It was on the second story of a church that was being renovated, and it was a nice setting. It was a little hot because there was no air conditioning, but we managed. Check out the video below, its quite the recording! (Trevor’s band by the way is called Said the Tree to the River, go to to see more of his upcoming music).  After all that jazz we had to say farewell to Peyton. She was such a great help to us by driving us everywhere we needed to be without question and being a vital vocal in Trevor’s song. It was a fun time hanging out with her and her family and we hope to see them again! After Peyton left we made our way down Main Street Waverly and stopped at a McDonald’s to change into our walking attire. We met a guy who had a missing leg from a car hitting him while he was running one day. It did not put him down at all, though the doctors told him he wasn’t going to be able to walk and his testimony of forgiveness was powerful. With the help of God he came out strong. It was an honor meeting him. We came across a Church of Christ further down the road and the pastor let us pitch tent and use the bathroom before we went to bed. They also provided us a cold cup of water before they left the church….

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