August 19-20, 2014: The Final Farwell

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…..Niki this morning had our laundry ready and also breakfast. She gave us some to take on the road and dropped us back off at the Sonic in Humboldt, TN. Gonna miss Niki! Her and her family were very fun and joyful to be around, and they didn’t think we were weird. Niki also kept our backpacks for the day and gave them to Angie. Angie then was going to drop them off with us on her way to pick up her kids from school. We were walking super sonic speed again when a lady named Christie pulled over and offered lunch. She was at the bible study the Sunday morning we spoke. She took us to Subway and treated us to some subs. Christie was such a prayer warrior and Godly. She had some amazing testimonies of God showing up in miraculous ways in her life. It was a honor getting to know her. She dropped us back off and we started to walk again. Since we didn’t have our Camel Baks today we hardly had any water to drink and it was hotter than yesterday. We were praying that God would provide us a drink and he did! Angie caught up with us and had a two large cups of Sonic sweet tea! Since it was so hot we were planning to head to a nearby church, so Angie brought took us over, but nobody was there. With prayer we felt like it would be good to stay one more night with Angie and Andy. So we went back to their house and they cooked us dinner. We than got to spend more time with them and got to go swimming in their pool, which cooled us off.

Andy the next morning let us sleep in for the day and got one of his friends to take us back where Angie picked us up. This was the final time we got to see the Atwood family. They were such a blessing to us and we really did feel loved and appreciated by them all the days we spent with them. They were like family to us and they helped us out so much and made sure people knew about the mission God gave us. They really did everything they could do for us and even more than we could ask for. When we got dropped off by Andy’s good buddy, who has been pastoring youth for decades, a very honorable man, we walked only a short distance to a motel called the Rama Inn on the outskirts of Bells, TN. Before we came to the inn we ate at a restaurant called The Front Porch where they generously gave us a free meal. The owner, Carolyn was excited to meet us and we got to pray for her and her business, which she said she really needed. She was such a sweet/kind lady. At the inn we worked on the blog for the rest of the night and went to subway for dinner. We are very thankful to meet such godly men and women of Jesus this past week…

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